Who am I?
Sonia Verswyvel
During the last five years, when I ended in a wheelchair as a result of a bomb in a terrorist attack, I have found myself with all doors closed and without possibilities, not only because of the architectonic barriers that prevent my free movement, but also because of the barriers of indifference of other citizens. After a long period of physical rehabilitation and after facing all types of difficulties, I understood that, luckily, in most cases, said indifference is not due to lack of solidarity or of respect, but to a deep ignorance of the life conditions of disabled individuals and of the necessary measures so that they may be developed equally and freely.

Therefore, I decided to teach and disclose the information. I gathered information and standard measurements from the world’s eight most accessible countries and I wrote the pocket-size MANUAL A City for All, so we can all have it close at hand. Because the rights of disabled individuals, before being exacted, must be disclosed, in such way that they are adopted in an affable and conscious manner by a society that respects and is open to share with disabled individuals.
What do I need?
To achieve the goal of A City for Everyone, I need the solidarity of those who can and want to disclose the message of the importance of including, socially and physically, disabled individuals. In addition, a work team of architects, engineers, designers, constructors, entrepreneurs, in short, professionals from all areas that raise awareness inside companies, entities and associations to exact the compliance of the norms and basic measurements of accessibility.
Colombian Engineers Asociation
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